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When combined with certain Sony BRAVIA TV sets*.

Save 30% when you buy an eligible TV(see models below) and HT-A9000 or HT-A8000. Save 30% when you buy a qualifying sound bar and SA-SW3 or SA-SW5. Save 30% when you buy an eligible sound bar and SA-RS3S or SA-RS5.

Enhance your bundle and accumulate savings

Eligible TV models: 85/75/65 BRAVIA 9, 77/65/55 BRAVIA 8, 85/75/65/55 BRAVIA 7, 85/75/65/55 BRAVIA 3, 77/65/55 A95L, 83/77/65/55 A80L, 85X95L, 85/75/65 X93L, 98/85/75/65/55 X90L, 85/75/65/55 X85K, 85/75/65/55 X80K, 85/75/65/55 X77L, 85/75 Z9K, 65/55 A95K, 77/65/55 A80K, 85/75/65 X95K, 85/75/65/55 X90K, 65/55 X75K.

HAV-compatible models: BRAVIA Theatre Bar 9 (HT-A9000), BRAVIA Theatre Bar 8 (HT-A8000), SA-SW5, SA-SW3, SA-RS5, SA-RS3S.

*Seedetails in store. Offer valid until July 18, 2024. Products must appear on same receipt to qualify for savings.

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