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JBL 2024 stand-alone speakers. Revolution, innovation and continuity | Sonxplus Granby

JBL 2024 self-contained loudspeakers. Revolution, innovation and continuity!

The summer season is upon us, and we're betting we're going to make the most of it! More than 10 years ago, a new category of electronic products was born to fill a need for outdoor entertainment. Until then, there were the "Ghetto Blasters", bulky, heavy and inefficient radio sets. They weren't very powerful or faithful, and used a lot of energy via disposable batteries. Today, we've made giant strides as artificial intelligence (AI) is introduced, to squeeze every possible decibel out of a more than formidable power consumption! This means unprecedented autonomy. But what about sound? We invite you to read on to find out what's in store for the "James Lansing Company" known as JBL!

JBL offers more than a hundred audio products, here are the new 2024 products!

XTREME 4 2024

Xtreme 4 | Sonxplus Granby

This is the best-seller in its category, and it's all set for renewal in 2024.

The Xtreme 4 offers the same features as its predecessor, the Xtreme 3: powerful sound, punchy bass and appreciable battery life. In both cases, they can be submerged under water, making them absolutely rugged outdoor devices.

NEW! 24 hours of autonomy with the option of extending to 30 hours using the AI-controlled "Playtime Boost" function.

NEW! Artificial intelligence enables higher sound volume by mapping the movement capabilities of the speaker cones. The frequency response is thus adapted in real time to avoid exceeding the physical capacity of the loudspeaker, eliminating any possible distortion at higher sound volumes than the old model. Total power: 100 Watts in electric mode and 70 Watts on battery.

NEW! Replaceable battery for longer life, so no more "useless". Good for the planet...

NEW! Made from recycled plastic and fabric.

BOOMBOX 3 2023

Boombox 3 | SONXPLUS Granby

Although the Boombox 3 was introduced at the end of 2023, it remains; New.

NEW! Three-way system for linear frequency response. The speakers now share the bass, midrange and treble, making the sound even more lifelike.

NEW! Reinforced frame and unbreakable metal handle.

NEW! Integrated power transformer for recharging or running on household current. Plugs directly into the wall without the need for an easy-to-lose charger.

NEW! More powerful with 180 watts in AC mode and 136 watts on battery. 


Partybox Encore | SONXPLUS Granby

For those who love karaoke, this new model excels!

NEW! two wireless microphones included for memorable "duels"!

NEW! extended battery life from 6 to 10 hours.

NEW: More varied lighting effects than the previous version.


Partybox Club | SONXPLUS Granby

The Club 120 replaces the Partybox 110.

NEW! Sound enhanced by artificial intelligence.

NEW: Retractable carrying handle.

NEW: Environmentally-friendly recycled materials.

NEW: Rapid charger with 10-minute charge for 80 minutes of autonomy. Maximum autonomy = 12 hours. 


Partybox Stage | SONXPLUS Granby

Best-seller in its class, the most powerful battery-powered model.

"Without music, there's no party! With the new products in JBL's PartyBox range, users will be able to bring their parties to life with superior sound and a stunning light show," said Carsten Olesen, president of consumer audio at HARMAN. "Brighten up your listening experience with the latest, even more powerful additions to the PartyBox family by taking them outdoors, or carrying them wherever you happen to be."

NEW: Ultra-fast charge: 10 minutes for 2 hours' use. Full charge: 18 hours!

NEW: AI power boost. Just like the new Xtreme 4, artificial intelligence constantly analyzes the sounds to be reproduced and adapts the response according to the physical capacity of the speaker diaphragms. There's no stopping progress!!!

NEW: Bluetooth "Aurocast" technology for more stable and reliable connections, ready for future applications.

NEW: Dual microphone inputs for karaoke.

PARTYBOX 1000 2021


The Partybox 1000 introduced three years ago, remains an avant-garde product.


  • Powerful, it offers 1100 Watts for a thunderous sound;
  • Illuminated keyboard with a variety of sound effects, including electric piano (limited);
  • Wireless special effects control wristband;
  • Subwoofer facing the floor;
  • The most complete set of lighting effects, adjustable on the device and with application;
  • USB key reading;
  • Handle and transport wheels.


Partybox Ultimate | SONXPLUS Granby

The "Wow" product of 2024.

  • 1100 watts of power like the 1000 model, but plays 40% more powerfully thanks to innovative artificial intelligence technology.
  • High-fidelity sound that adapts to the place where you're using it by retroactively listening to the resonance of the room or the outside environment.
  • Streaming music via the Internet, the first WI-FIparty speaker!
  • JLB ONE streaming application
  • Partybox application to set/modify sound and light effects.
  • Fully illuminated control panel.
  • Dolby Atmos.
  • Visual effects from the front, side, floor and control console!
  • Now rainproof.
  • JBL PARTYPAD, tap, hold down or slide your fingers across the control panel for a variety of DJ effects.

Other models available

Flip 6

Flip 6 | SONXPLUS Granby

Small, easily transportable model, affordable price.

Load 5

Charge 5 | SONXPLUS Granby

A mini Xtreme with full sound, a little less powerful, but very satisfying.

Authentics 300

Authentics 300 | SONXPLUS Granby

A WI-FI and Bluetooth model with a 60s look.

The last word.

We hope we've been able to enlighten you on what's new this year at JBL.

Have a great summer with music!

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